SLP therapy is synergistic

SLP® treatment is clinically effective as monotherapy in premalignant HPV16 associated disease and as combination therapy in HPV16-induced cancers. (Kenter et al, van Poelgeest et al.).

Tumor-specific T cells are crucial for therapeutic effect in immuno-oncology

Synergy with chemotherapy

Strong T cell responses after timed treatment with therapeutic HPV16 SLP-vaccine ISA101 plus standard of care chemotherapy for late-stage cervical cancer are associated with prolonged survival (Welters et al, van der Sluis et al, Melief et al).

Synergy with checkpoint blocking

Doubling of Overall Response Rate (ORR) by adding therapeutic HPV16 SLP-vaccine ISA101 to anti-PD1 in patients with incurable HPV16+ oropharyngeal cancer (Massarelli et al).


  • Tumor de-bulking
  • Bring down systemic immune suppressor cells (MDSC’s)
  • Increase sensitivity for T cell-induced apoptosis

αPD-1 antibody

  • Enable T cell infiltration and functioning
  • Improve tumor micro-environment

SLP® therapy

  • Increase functional tumor-specific T cells
  • Migration of vaccine-induced T cells to tumor
  • Achieve deeper, longer lasting responses