ISA Pharmaceuticals focuses on the development of SLP®-based therapies for unmet medical needs in cancer and persistent viral infections. This strategy has resulted in a diverse portfolio with advanced clinical-stage SLP® immunotherapeutics for various cancer indications.

The primary focus of the Company is the development of its ISA101b immunotherapeutic in combination with the immunomodulating antibody anti-PD1 for advanced stages of head-and-neck cancer and cervical cancer to achieve clinical benefit on top of the standard-of-care chemotherapy. Follow-on programs are expanding the clinical pipeline with a focus on orphan indications.

New tracks build on ISA’s vast amount of experience and know-how in inducing potent T cell responses in concert with standard-of-care therapy, combinations with novel immunomodulators and on leveraging recent technological advancements in next-generation genome sequencing and state-of-the-art peptide synthesis.

ISA has begun to develop the capacity to supply on-demand personalized SLP® immunotherapies. This on-demand approach is applicable to deliver small scale productions, specifically designed for a) fast path to clinical proof-of-concept, b) orphan indications and ultimately c) individual cancer therapy, whereby the SLP®s elicit T cell responses against mutation derived tumor-specific neo-antigens.