Clinical Studies

Several clinical trials of ISA Pharmaceuticals´ lead compound ISA101 are currently ongoing in HPV16-positive cancer indications, mostly in patients suffering from cervical cancer and head & neck cancer. Recruitment goals of the company-sponsored CervISA trial have been met. In preparation of the Phase 2 trial design, an extra arm has been included, which is assessing the safety of ISA101 vaccinations in combination with chemotherapy and bevacizumab, an inhibitor of angiogenesis. Moreover, the MD Anderson Cancer Center has conducted a clinical trial in the US in collaboration with Bristol Meyers Squibb and ISA Pharmaceuticals in incurable HPV16-positive cancer patients. In this study, patients were treated with a combination of ISA101 and Nivolumab. The safety and immunogenicity of ISA’s first SLP®-AMPLIVANT® conjugate ISA201 are currently validated in patients treated for HPV16-positive tumors or premalignant lesions.

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Ongoing Trials:


CervISA (Phase I/II)



ISA101+Nivolumab (Phase II)

MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States of America

MDACC Study #2014-1047



AIN (Phase I/II)





Currently recruiting in the Netherlands at the Department of Clinical Oncology at Leiden University Medical Center:



Completed Trials:


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