Technology Overview

ISA Pharmaceuticals´ development platform is based on ground-breaking research by the academic group of renowned tumor immunologist Professor Cornelis Melief at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands.

SLP® Technology

ISA’s SLP® immunotherapeutics are rationally designed, off-the-shelf, synthetic peptides. Between 20 to 50 amino acids in length, they are longer than conventional peptide immunotherapeutics, and hence are optimal for an efficient and prolonged presentation by antigen-presenting cells. Furthermore, the greater length of SLP®s allows the full array of HLA alleles (no HLA-restriction) to be used, thereby enabling an SLP® immunotherapeutic to activate the immune system of all human beings, irrespective of individual HLA types. (…more)

AMPLIVANT® Technology

ISA’s AMPLIVANT® technology comprises a proprietary and synthetic small molecule TLR1/2 ligand with enhanced immunostimulatory activity that has been chemically coupled to the peptide in the standard SLP®  manufacturing  process. SLP®-AMPLIVANT® conjugate immunotherapeutics allow lower dosing at higher efficacy through better dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation as well as enhanced T cell priming. (…more)