Pipeline Overview

ISA101 (HPV)

ISA101 consists of 13 synthetic long peptides (25-35 amino acids long) derived from the E6 and E7 oncogenic proteins of the HPV 16 virus, a strain responsible for 50% of human cervical cancers and cervical intra-epithelial neoplasias and more than 85% of HPV-positive head and neck cancers, anal cancers and premalignant HPV-induced anal lesions (termed anal intra-epthelial neoplasia or AIN). It is administered either subcutaneously or intradermally. (…more)


MyISA® (Personalized Immunotherapy based on Neoantigens)

It is known today that concentrated antigen sources, such as synthetic long peptides, can sufficiently raise robust CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses to eradicate cancer. However, for optimum immunotherapy results it is necessary to choose antigens that are unique to each cancer. In the case of virus-induced cancers, this criterion is met by virus-induced antigens. However, in non-viral cancers many antigens are shared by tumor cells and normal cells, albeit with different levels of expression. (…more)


ISA203 is derived from the human antigen PRAME (PReferentially expressed Antigen in MElanoma) and is useful for the treatment of different type of cancers. ISA203 consists of synthetic long peptides (SLP®) conjugated to ISA’s proprietary adjuvant AMPLIVANT®. (…more)


ISA204 (HBV)

ISA204 is a combination of selected Synthetic Long Peptides (SLP®s) derived from conserved regions of hepatitis B antigens with ISA’s AMPLIVANT® adjuvant technology. It is designed as an effective immunotherapy for the entire patient population, and avoids virus escape mutants by inducing a T cell response against multiple conserved viral antigens. The program is at the discovery stage. (…more)