Since its inception, ISA Pharmaceuticals has adopted a market-driven strategy focused on the development of SLP®-based therapies for unmet medical needs in cancer and persistent viral infections.

This strategy has resulted in a portfolio with two clinical-stage SLP® immunotherapeutics for various cancerous and pre-malignant indications. Clinical proof-of-concept has been established for an immunotherapeutic against vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN), a pre-cancerous disease caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). At present, ISA Pharmaceuticals is focusing on the development of its lead product ISA101 towards market approval for the treatment of HPV-induced diseases such as cervical cancer and head-and-neck cancer.

For HPV-induced diseases, ISA Pharmaceuticals addresses the gap between preventive cancer vaccines and standard cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy or chemo-radiation therapy) and has also shown synergistic benefits of its immunotherapeutics with modern immunomodulatory compounds.

ISA Pharmaceuticals is exploiting its unique know-how and expertise to assess the efficacy of SLP®-AMPLIVANT® conjugates, other adjuvants and combinations with chemotherapeutics or chemo-radiation as well as with immunomodulatory compounds. This enables the development of best-in-class therapeutics as a vital component of advanced combinatorial cancer immunotherapy.

The technology developed by ISA Pharmaceuticals allows a more efficient and specific immunotherapy of a variety of cancers caused by chronic virus infections and of non-viral cancers.

ISA has started to develop personalized SLP® immunotherapy treatments targeting mutation-derived neo-antigens, and to advance effective and affordable treatment options in large indications such as lung cancer, bladder cancer and melanomas.

ISA aims to close corporate partnerships with pharma companies for advanced clinical development and commercialization.